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Our organization assist seniors, families, children and youth with innovative programs created by our interns, volunteers and staff. They have a broad-based knowledge in over 200 fields of study and career experience. We have a unique group of digital and creative thinkers who have moved the internship arena into the twenty-first century by utilizing and aggressively promoting social media portals to help recipients and communities around the globe. One such example is our Paid Job Training programs that offer over 100 online career training options in all 50 states. 

Another upcoming program is our children and youth kidney program that has been under development for over 3 years. This program is being placed on a global digital platform reaching billions around the globe to match kidney donors with recipients who are in end-stage kidney failure. Our organization works closely with UNOS and The Kidney Foundation providing educational materials and resources to the public. 

Our advance internship thinkers are currently looking years ahead by learning about the pending FDA synthetic organ opportunities along with CRISP DNA platforms on how to make these future life saving products available to any member of any class in any society regardless of socioeconomic status.  


About Our Digital Internships

Our internship platform is digitally based for remote participation from anywhere in the world. Interns may be collaborating with other intern think-groups from around the globe or in their own backyard on selected projects. Our program is very different from that of the typical analog internship. Our Millennial's and Gen-Y's have brought the internship experience into the digital and social media world. We encourage our interns to help promote that platform with our organization. Interns with our company will be performing challenging task that keep them engaged in their related fields of study and or existing career paths. We are happy you have considered Grandparents of America for your internship program. You will not be disappointed or un-challenged as you will have the freedom to learn, grow, enhance and share your new ideas with our staff and interns as well as the community you select to serve. 



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Our goal is to give the intern and benefactors of our programs the best experience possible with the organization and grow from that experience to a level of career readiness for any path they may choose to follow. Many of our interns will be hired on as full or part time staff upon a 30-day probationary period based on their participation.

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Paid Job Training Programs

The Paid Job Training program is our signature and most popular program. The program offers a job certification course in over 100 career training positions with pay. The program is funded by the Department of Education (DOE). While each certification course varies from state to state, the average course is taken in 12-week blocks depending on which career you choose to become certified in. 

For example, some certified courses require two, or even three 12-week blocks of training to complete your certification. However, you are paid for each 12-week block you are registered for. First, let’s get to business and answer the most frequently asked question of all below.

How Much Money Will I Be Paid to Job Train?

Every applicant for the program is qualified to be paid the maximum allowable funds from the Department of Education (DOE) based on need. For example, your current income and assets affect the amount you receive from the DOE. In another words, the more money you currently make, the less you receive to train, the less money you currently make, the more you receive to train. This will all be determined during your enrollment application over the phone with your career specialist. There is no credit check or employment requirements to enroll in this career program.

Here is a typical payment amount of an average applicant who qualifies for the maximum pay. The maximum amount per 12-week training block is $1848. The typical career/job certification course requires two 12-week blocks of training. That means you will receive a total amount of $3696 to become certified in your chosen career. You can train for as many career/job certifications for up to “twelve”, 12-week blocks over a six-year period. The maximum amount of paid training funds you can receive over that time is $22,176. These amounts are typically paid in one or two installments depending on the training campus. 

Each campus has a slightly different payment schedule from state to state. 

In addition to your training pay, you are automatically approved and qualified to receive an optional low interest loan from the DOE. The maximum loan amount you have the option of accepting is $4750 per 12-week training block. You may elect to accept none, a portion of, or the entire amount. The DOE grants this option to individuals who are dependent on this training income to pay rent, transportation, food and personal expenses to live while you are training for a career. The $4750 is the only amount that is considered a loan. Your $6095 Paid Job Training award is a full grant and never has to be paid back. If you should decide to accept any or all the loan proceeds, you don’t make monthly payments on the loan until six months after you complete your job training courses. Payments on the loan amount after that start at about $50 a month and are based on your income. In all cases, if you are earning no money, you will be approved for a deferment until you start earning an income. 

Step #1: 

How Do I Enroll Now?

Enroll in the Paid Job Training program at:


or call 520.428.8275 Ext# 888 for a phone enrollment.  Our website will have a drop-down menu of over 100 careers to train for and the more popular careers with average salaries listed. The sooner you enroll, the sooner you receive your online or on-site training campus seat and training funds.

Step #2:

What Happens Next?

If enrolled online, a career specialist contacts you within 24 hours to determine which career certification course you are interested in registering for. If ordered by phone during normal business hours, your specialist will determine in that phone call a career course you would like to enroll in. Anyone in your household 18 years or older qualifies for the program. 

Step #3:

After Deciding My Career/Job Training Program, What’s the Next Step?

Once you have decided which career training certification program meets your needs, the career specialist will review all related job openings, average pay in that career, and employee feedback from others who are already working in that industry in your general location. Your specialist will also inform you the length of time the training program requires to receive your certification. For example, your certification program may take one or two 12-week training blocks to complete. This will all be confirmed and completed in one phone interview at that time. 

Step #4 

Who Pays Me and How Long Until My First Check?

The DOE funds your training campus who then pays you out of your $6095. You will receive these funds before and during your training. It typically takes from 21 to 45 days from date of enrollment with us to receive your first check depending on the training campus we enroll you in. You have the option of receiving your funds by paper check, direct deposit, and in some cases a pre-loaded debit card issued by the training campus. Each campus carries slightly different payment schedules. Your first check is typically given to you one to two weeks before you start your first online or campus attended class to pay for books and a computer to complete your courses. If you already have a computer or internet connected device, you will still receive those initial funds. Those funds are part of the entire amount awarded to you. 

Step #5:

What Does the Program Cost Me and Do I have To Pay Up-Front?

The total upfront cost for most programs is $95 down and $25 a month. The entire cost of most career programs start at a flat $499 with the exception of the flight school program which carries a flat fee of $9995 with $750 down and $193 a month for 48 months with NO interest. After your down payment, you can charge the balance to your optional educational line of credit you receive upon enrollment of any career course at 0% interest. You can also use a credit or debit card to charge the full amount or, send a check made payable to Grandparents of America, Inc. to the foundations main office at 5151 East Broadway Blvd. Suite 1600 Tucson, AZ 85711. 

Step #6:

What Else Do I Need to Qualify for This Program to Receive My Training Pay?

The DOE requires a qualified high school diploma or GED that is verified upon enrollment. If you do not have either of those, a career specialist will place you into a DOE approved accelerated GED learning program with your local training campus. You are not required to physically attend the GED learning program as it is usually offered online. We will arrange through your state a free GED testing grant which you will test for at your training campus. To qualify for this benefit, you must take a practice test from the state sponsored facility which cost $24, or $6 per GED section with four (4) sections to test for. You should however enroll in the Paid Job Training now while we are processing your GED program. This is highly recommended so the clock on your application for training funds will continue to run during that 21 to 45 day waiting period while you are processing and earning your GED. 

Step #7:

Do I Pay Income Taxes on These Training Funds & Do They Affect My Current Governmental Benefits?

NO. Your entire training funds are tax free! You do not have to claim this income on your taxes at any time. This is because your pay is funded through a government grant and is exempt from income tax. The training money you earn does not affect any governmental benefits you may be receiving now or in the future such as social security, VA, disability, unemployment, etc. 

It’s All Up to You Now!

This program has helped hundreds of thousands of people yearly who are tired of the job they currently hold or need training to secure a stable future in a solid career. It is an opportunity to acquire a certification in a field you would enjoy while keeping your existing job. Apply today for a new future and get a certificate that earns you nationally recognized college credits around the country. At completion of this program, the DOE will post your earned credits to a national database for any employer or school to verify. Feel good about yourself by accomplishing career training that will increase your salary, employment status, and overall knowledge. 

Good Luck on Your Decision!