Get Your Education Line of Credit Today!

How It Works

The Education Credit is an optional revolving line of credit offered by our Career Services Underwriting program. It is only extended to serious job training applicants who want to further their future with Department of Education approved career programs. You have the option of charging your current and all future application program fees to your account. 

The credit line is underwritten by our in-house financing division of Grandparents of America, Inc., and is proprietary to our products only sold to job training applicants. 

Requirements to Receive the Education Line of Credit:

· Must Be 18 Years of Age or Older

· Must Be A Valid Job Training Applicant

· Must Have A Valid Social Security Number

· Must Have A Valid U.S. Address

Do I Need the Account to Enroll in The Paid Job Training Program?

NO. The account serves only as an alternative pay option by allowing job applicants to charge their current and or future application fees for Training programs. All application fees can also be charged to any major credit card upon the checkout process. 

How Do I Qualify for An Educational Line of Credit?

You must have an application pending or be a valid Paid Job Training applicant and complete the online express application for approval. There are no credit or income qualifications to obtain approval. The line of credit may only be used to purchase job and career related products within our online career store. GOA understands many consumers in America seek career changes and are unable to change their future because of financial and credit challenges. This line of credit is specifically designed to assist job training applicants achieve and meet career goals. 

What Are the Repayment Terms on The Credit Line?

The interest is subsidized by the nonprofit foundation resulting in the following terms:

· 0% Interest For Life

· No Prepayment Penalties

· No Annual or Monthly Fees For Life of    the Account